Popularity Contest

Every time Kevin Dressler is back in town it’s sort of like of playing pass the parcel at a kid’s birthday party when you were kids. All our friends are “passed” the responsibility of hanging out with him and when the music stops if you are left holding the parcel which in this case is Kevin then you are left with him for the entire day. It’s sort of like Russian Roulettes but instead of a bullet to the head you get Kevin Dressler talking to you for about 8 hours in a row.

Lucky thing for my circle of friends that Kevin works 11 months of the year in Europe as an on site deep sea oil driller. The other one month which happens to be the lovely month of December he is back home with the rest of us for Christmas taking very opportunity to talk all our ears off. Ahh, the wonderful magic of the holiday season. Spreading cheer and horror equally as it should.

The thing about Kevin is the guy can talk. Not like most humans who use talking as a communicative tool that elevates us above the apes but more like a pastor whose “white man’s burden” involves bringing light to the mass of ignorance he deems to see everywhere. Thus hanging out with Kevin is like being subjected to an audio version of Discovery Channel where he likes to shoot off his mouth like a fountain of knowledge, showering all with a litany of useless words and facts than can drown you in their mundane nature. He usually starts of at the Rise and Fall of Rome, leads in to The Plagues that ravaged Europe during the Dark Ages and then brings it home with the Ascendancy of Barack Obama. This takes a period of about 15 coffees.

This time however when it comes to my turn of dealing with Kevin I have placed myself in a strategic position. Knowing that he would talk his mouth off for the next one third of the day I tactically placed myself in a perfect position. Seated opposite Kevin in this famous coffee shop in South Yarra I have placed myself in prime position so that when it looks like I am listening attentively while looking at Kevin I am in fact looking at the images flashing on the awesome screen right above his head. I am talking about the awe inspiring, jaw dropping beauty of the Samsung 46” Series 5 LCD TV.

So while it looks like I am nodding in agreement with Mr. Dressler’s latest rant I am actually nodding at the awesome vision of how good Terminator 2 looks on High Definition Widescreen. Have to say, I have outdone myself this time. It looks like I am looking right at him but all I am doing is watching the most awesome shows on the most awesome TV in town. I could probably sit here all day.

If this was Russian Roulettes then I am the guy wearing the bullet proof cap.