Fervor For Fitness

After all the food and drinks and partying is over and you’re lying down in the middle of a hall covered in gifts, wearing a Santa suit with an oversized party hat and a chewing on the last brownie your mum made you know you’re probably in the fattest most unfit state you have been since the beginning of the year. All this will be followed of course by New Years celebration and more partying so you know that by the time 2009 strolls around the corner you better have those list of resolutions ready for take off.

That’s why this year amongst the sea of gifts I purchased for family and friends including:

A pair of diamond earrings for my girlfriends Stacey Peruzzi, a copy of Guitar Hero 3 and the darned guitar for Charlie Jay, a Paintball action sniper gun for The Turk (he doesn’t actually play paintball but uses it to shoot the cats around his neighborhood), the complete set of Y: The Last Man graphic novels for Matt Hoffman who is really into comics, a handmade Cricket bat for J. Hoover Sinclair ( he is so rich I had no idea what to get him till the very end), a rare sixth edition copy of Huckleberry Finn for my dad, a pair of bowling gloves for my mom, and some rock climbing gear for my Aunt May…

I also bought a present for myself.

For me December is a month when I truly let go, overeating is a daily affair and overdrinking takes the night watch, I hardly sleep, I spend too much, and I basically abuse my body to the breaking point. That’s why once January is here I enter my own personal rehabilitation program, or like I call it the Johnny Catch 1 step Comeback Tour.

Simply put, all I have to do is to get back to where I was to in November in terms of health and fitness which is no easy task. That’s why for my own present I purchased the Complete Deluxe Home Gym Set. Instead of going for long trips to the gym and such all I have to do is wake up and head to the garage, where I have this sweet baby all set up. For the first two weeks of January I am looking at two workouts a day, morning and evenings, I will need a complete detox routine to burn out all that turkey and beer I consumed for Christmas.

It’s the perfect gift for myself. Think back to how George Clooney gained all that weight to act in his role in Syriana and then how he had to lose it all for his next role. In the same way I am doing the same thing. For Christmas I was going for that Santa look. Come the end of January I am going to be looking like Superman.

Let the workout begin. Come 2009 of course.