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Happy holidays and Merry Christmas everyone, I know most of you must be suffering from the after effects of all the partying and too much food but its time here at Catch for another weeks end of all the competitive fun! Thank you to everyone for their great posts and all the jokes. If the judges could post their winners here, I will format the page by the end of the day. If the judges haven’t posted their winners by 6 pm then I will choose them myself. Good luck to everyone and here’s to another great competitive week of mayhem and laughs at Catch Of The Day!

Congrats to all the winners and a Merry Christmas to everyone, with New Year just around the corner we wish you the best! Until next week and then another whole new year….

Monday: loulou121

And its a backward, reverse double twist inverted pike, with a degree of difficulty 4567.7 given that there’s no pool.Well at least there was no splash on the entry …

Honourable Mention: 38david


The new Wayne Carey AFL Mannequin…. no shop assistant is safe !!!!(no shop assistants were harmed in the making of this picture… in fact I probably wasn’t even there, and if I was , it was purely consensual, you people don’t know the stresses a legend has to deal with, we are still very much in love , ours is a tempestuous relationship, sometimes when pressured its only natural to lash out… anyway call my lawyers, they will set the facts of the matter on the table….. W.C. )

Honourable Mention: Floss&Grumpy


Bad Santa – Keeping spirits high (and dry!)

Honourable Mention: maz1


And once again Happy Christmas to all, and thanks to the Catch of the Day Team for persisting with these competitions, it’s helping to develop a nice little community here. Can I suggest a bit more promotion of it (or better prizes) to help stimulate the numbers entering?HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all

Honourable Mention: not picked

Next Week’s Judging Panel:

  • Monday: loulou121
  • Tuesday: S.Willo
  • Wednesday: jules20
  • Thursday:38david

Judges from now on, post your winners in the winners gallery itself. I will then format it accordingly. Please try submit them by 11.45am Friday, latest! Oh yeah, and have a great weekend!