Rise of the Phoenix

Taking the train into the city on the day before New Year’s Eve reminds of the movie 28 Days Later, where London is attacked by zombies and the whole city is empty. Then again it is rather early being 6.45 am. I am just dropping by at the office to drop a few files and since my car is still in the workshop following that accident involving me and the clown I figured it would be better to take the train. Still, it’s as empty as it could be.

It’s an eerie silence that would normally affect anyone but I am too engrossed in my Sony PSP playing God of War: Chains of Olympus to be affected. Even the weird Jamaican man, the only other passenger in the train besides me, who seems to be in an intense conversation with either himself or an invisible child doesn’t throw me off. There is nothing like playing a good video game when you have noting else better to do.

So when my PSP battery dies I don’t take it too well.

Just when I was at the most interesting of stages it goes kaput leaving me stranded on the train with Bob Marley’s evil uncle. Sighing deeply I try to focus my thoughts and eyes on the chair in front of me and to stay under his radar. When he moves to sit next to me I deduce that I have failed miserably in this.

“Having battery problems son?” he asks in a raspy voice.

“Umm… yeah.” I say like the morose mother that I am.

“ Well then, I guess I have just the solution for you mon.”

From his pocket he pulls out a UniCharger Rechargeable Gadget Charger, this is a spiffy little device that actually charges a wide variety of gadgets and phones including: Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Eriksson, Motorola, PDA’s, USB Devices, iPod’s, and even lo and behold Sony PSPs such as I have.

I crack him a friendly smile and take the UniCharger from him. In awhile my PSP is up and ready for more action. Being happier than a kid on a rollercoaster I am about to start playing when he asks me “Well then, aren’t you going to give an old man a shot at a game first mon?”

Well I guess I am, and I guess that UniCharger certainly came in handy.

For him.