Suddenly Summer

The other day I was walking in the house with the groceries, just when I was in the driveway I dropped the eggs. Quickly rushed inside to put the rest of the bags then rushed out to clean the mess, found 12 fried eggs waiting for me on the drive way. True story.

Summer is certainly here.

What is about the heat that drives people mad? Sure put them on a beach and all of a sudden they are half naked rubbing sun lotion on themselves and staying out in the sun all day. Have that same heat follow them home and suddenly they are sweating and complaining and pulling cricket bats out of their cars in a fit of road rage.

We have some of the hottest summers here. I remember this one summer when I was 16 my dad had got me my own car. A bright red Volkswagen, I loved that car but I was always broke and didn’t have enough money to fuel the car up, so it spent most of the summer parked outside in front of the house. By the end of summer my bright red Volkswagen was a dull pink. True story.

You can only have so many Ice Lemon Teas before you start worrying about diabetes. The heat is intense, My Aunt May doesn’t leave her house all summer, at her age the heat can be a killer. Then again she lives in a large fully air conditioned mansion. The rest of us have to make do. I personally like to stew in bath tub of ice. Only problem is I only have to two ice cube trays in my freezer and it takes me a very very long time to get enough ice cubes.

Turning the air condition on for the whole day is a little pricey, a guy like me, with my expenses ( I seem to cause a lot of property damage at my age) cant afford to pay gargantuan bills like that, maintaining a lifestyle such as mine means cutting corners when I can. Then again I’m not one to martyr myself in the heat, not like that guy I heard about in India who staged a protest by staying out in the blazing desert sun who virtually died from being burnt alive. True story.

That’s why instead I have an 80 cm Oscillating Tower fan with a remote, a powerful machine made with only one thing in mind. To have a steady cool air flow constantly shooting right at me, keeping me in an island of coolness while the rest of the world burns around me.

In fact the Tower Fan is so much cheaper than getting an air conditioner you can even do what I did and simply place one in each room creating an army of cool sentinels in charge of keeping the temperature just the way I like it.

True story.