The Curious Case

It’s that time of the year when a whole new slew of epic shows start their season and for a fan boy like me one best be prepared or get swept away by the sheer volume of entertainment that’s about to hit the airwaves. My main concern this time is the return of the ever popular 24 after a one year’s absence. Jack Bauer is back and if you’re planning a nuclear strike against the USA then you’re about to be eliminated with severe prejudice.

Also if you’re one of the many people following the exploits of another Jack and his mates stranded on an island then you better get ready for a whole new season of LOST. After 4 seasons and no closer to figuring out the plot yet enjoying trying do to so this might be the very season they start doing some explaining. Sci-Fi Fans like Charlie Jay will be drooling with anticipation for the return of Battlestar Galactica where as they have been saying for awhile now “All Will Be Revealed”.

More episodes of Heroes will be shown as the fourth arc begins and comic book fans will be able to lament further on much they have ripped off the X-Men. Also back is Chuck, Doctor Who, Eli Stone, Medium, Smallville (Superman Fans Unite!), Reaper (for those more laid back), and Sarah Conner Chronicles just to mention a few. That’s more than a few shows to be watching day in and day out, and I’m not sure if you can catch them all on normal TV. This means you have two options, one: subscribe to Foxtel now or two: start downloading.

For someone with a busy schedule as mine I have no time to watch these shows on their allotted time on TV nor the patience to download each and every one of these episode diligently. Thus for people like me we rely on what I call our ‘go-to guy’. A Go-to Guy is simply put the guy who downloads all these shows for you, all you have to do is to go to him to pick it up.

For me that guy is the ever effusive Charlie Jay, he virtually downloads everything that comes on TV so I can simply just pick up the shows that I like. All I need for this simple task is an external hard drive. What I use is the 320 Gigabyte Philips USB 2.0 External Hard Drive, a slim stylish case that is ready to fulfill all my portable needs with all due coolness.

Thus all I have to do is show up Charlie’s house and let the transfer begin. Using only a USB Interface all my shows are promptly transferred from his computer to my hard drive.

As easy as Jack Bauer saving the world.