The Gamers

There is a vast intricate underworld living right beneath your feet, populated by the people who serve you, by your friends and loved ones, by your neighbors and family, by your lovers and partners, it is a world so vast, so compelling, and just one thin red line away from the normality and banality that constitutes your life. This is the gaming world, a hyper reality of awesomeness that is better than real life.

If you don’t own an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 or a Nintendo Wii, I bet you still own a computer, be it a desktop or a laptop. That means you’re still just one step away from that delightful underworld of gaming. Through the years as a gamer I have been huddled around screens with friends be it playing Gears of War on the Xbox, Fifa Football on the Ps3, The Legend of Zelda on the Wii, or Red Alert on the Computer. You can substitute a million other games on any other platform; gamers are there, all over, doing what they do best, gaming and having a good time.

The latest gaming craze to hit me and my friends has come on the computer, a little zombie shoot em bloodbath festival of delights called Left 4 Dead, you can either play as one of 4 survivors left in a city filled with zombies trying to get out or (check this) you can play as a zombie. If you have ever passed a cybercafé filled hundred of kids screaming away and blasting their screens with gun fire, it’s a good chance their playing this little game.

You need to have reflexes and a button trigger response of Neo (from The Matrix) like skills if you want to make it through this game alive. It’s not easy trying to kill a hundred zombies a minute. That’s why you need some pretty good gaming gear to rock on with. Enter the Philips 2.4Ghz Wireless Desktop, a top brand running at a super accurate 2.4Ghz, with a precise 1000DPI optical mouse for optimal shooting flow. The best part is the keyboard is spill proof, which is why my spilled Slurpee didn’t affect my game not one bit.

Coming off an 8 hour gaming session of Left 4 Dead with my friends I can say that the soft and crisp key pressure and use of the keyboard came in pretty handy. It was as if the makers of this keyboard were gamers, which they probably were. If you are not into gaming yet this is what I suggest, don’t splash a few thousand bucks on getting a Ps3 or an Xbox just yet, you have a computer, get this desktop set, get yourself a copy of this game and enter the underworld of gaming, a little corner of life where reality is better.

You’re just a mouse click away from a whole lot of fun.