With amazing dexterity and agility J. Hoover Sinclair manages to leap of the stern of his Yatch and dive right into the choppy waves cleanly disappearing down below. I peer down over the railway with my beer safely in my hand to see where he went. I can’t see anything beneath those waves despite the water being nearly crystal clear. I take a sip of my beer and continue to wait. Still no sign of J. Hoover. Stacey Peruzzi my girlfriend and her friend Tara Conner continue to sunbathe unworried on top of deck chairs with their shades on enjoying the sun.

I start to worry a little; it’s been a minute, isn’t that how long an average person can hold their breath? Just as I am about to leap in to the rescue of my multi millionaire cousin he emerges triumphantly from the ocean like Poseidon himself with a large shell he brandishes. Pulling him up he takes off his snorkels and takes a deep breath of fresh ocean air and throws me a superior smile.

Seems like he’s found an interesting little coral cave down there, with some kind of air pocket you can explore. He wants to video tape it. Video tape it? How in the heck are you going to get a video camera down there I ask? Wrap it in plastic bags? Once again I am thrown his trademark superior smile that makes me want to throw him back into the ocean. Of course not he says then pulls out an unusual looking snorkel from his duffel bag.

What at first seems to be a strange pair of goggles is actually a camera. It’s called the Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera, a fantastic device that is able to of taking great videos and still shots underwater, with 3 Megapixel, a Micro SD slot and USB transfer capacity it looks like something out of a James Bond flick. Well call me double O 7. J. Hoover wants me to wear the Liquid Camera and video tape him exploring the cave. This time I am only too happy to feed his ever growing egomania.

Carefully putting on the device I am surprised by how tough and secure it feels. I start filming before we even hit the water. J. Hoover makes a tough guy pose before jumping back in to the water and I follow suit. Deep in the water I carefully roll tape while filming him swim deeper into the coral cave below.

Right now I know how James Cameron felt when he was shooting Titanic under all that water. The serenity and hushed silence feels like something divine and I follow J. Hoover closely while making sure everything remains in my shot. We go right to the floor of the ocean where the coral cave lies in a cascade of color just the way J. Hoover described. Seeing is believing and in this case recording what you are seeing is proof so we have all angles covered.

We spend the rest of the day going up and down, me recording and J. Hoover acting out his great explorations of the ocean. I am going to call the video “J. Hoover the great Seaman.”