Winners Gallery

Welcome back everybody and it’s time here at Catch for another weeks end of all the competitive fun! Thank you to everyone for their great posts and all the jokes. If the judges could post their winners here, I will format the page by the end of the day. If the judges haven’t posted their winners by 6 pm then I will choose them myself. Good luck to everyone and here’s to another great competitive week of mayhem and laughs at Catch Of The Day!

And here are your winners! Well done everybody!

Monday: cecs1

After meeting in a bar, getting drunk and falling in love, both parties signed a pre nup agreement to stay drunk until death in order to save their marraige.

Honourable Mention: 38david

TUESDAY: chrisfield

Kid Rock was pleased with his new $20 ‘Love-life enhancing marital aid’ catch of the day.

Honourable Mention:shmahoo


“Class of 2009 New Jersey Blind Firefighting Team”

Honourable Mention: genevieve


the howl-a-ween party is about to start

Honourable Mention: genevieve

Next Week’s Judging Panel:

  • Monday:cecs1
  • Tuesday:chrisfield
  • Wednesday: shmahoo
  • Thursday:38david

Judges from now on, post your winners in the winners gallery itself. I will then format it accordingly. Please try submit them by 11.45am Friday, latest! Oh yeah, and have a great weekend!