Please excuse the overgrown beard, the shaggy hair and the tattered clothes, I have been in the mountains for the past two months trying to figure out a ridiculously awesome new format to carry on the legendary tradition of crazy Catch competitions. And now like the great Rocky Balboa I’d like to announce that we are BACK again!!!

First off I’d like to thank all the loyal regulars who have been so patient in waiting for me and my puny mind to come up with this and secondly I’d like to welcome all the hundreds (hopefully) of new people to the blog section. With this new format that we are launching:

  • Blogs will be held weekly, starting on Monday and with the winner announced on Friday
  • Winners will be hand picked by me and given the grand prize of $50 store credit!!
  • Yes we’re more than the doubling the madness that was here before.

So without further ado lets launch this weeks competition which I am proud to call:


Yes we want the inner poet in you to come alive. Give us an epic poem in 100 words or less about Catch of the Day and you. In the poem you need to use these 3 words or phrases at least one time or more:

1)Mind Boggling Technology2)Felicity3)Sheep

Yup thats pretty much it. Well lets get cracking and if there are any questions post it up and I will try my best to answer it or to reply with a question of my own. Well lets get cracking party people!!!