Jay’s Jamboree

Hi everybody and welcome to our very first week’s wrap up on Catch where we tell you whats been happening and what is going to happen next on Catch. I will try to get you the low down on the gossip and any behind the scenes action that might be happening. Consider me THE INSIDER, except that I look a little better than Russell Crowe and I am not waging a one man war against an evil tobacco company.

Please feel free to jump on with comments, questions and discussions on anything you feel like. Except cricket, I do NOT want to talk about cricket.

First off lets review some of the items we sold this week. Monday’s product I am sitting on right now and it feelssss GOOD. I am talking about the HoMedics iCush Audio Sync Massage Seat, if you missed out on this then I feel a little sorry for you, it’s like your own personal slave massaging you and singing tunes at the same time. I feel like an ancient Roman with this item, minus the toga of course.

On Tuesday we went the complete different way, from relaxing to a complete body work out, the Power Maxx Vibration Machine is a great way of getting in shape. Of course I am never ever going to use this thing, but then again not all of us are blessed with the natural beauty that I have been bestowed. Although rumors are that QQQ is working a sweat on this thing every lunch hour in an eternal battle against the flab instead of putting burgers away with the rest of us.

And on Wednesday of course we went crazy with scores of great products that I can’t possibly review here but personally I did try to get my hands on a Dynamic Microphone for my Legendary Friday Karaoke Nights.

I am not sure what today’s item does exactly but I do know that the Voxson BP950 Blood Pressure Monitor does it well. You can’t take your health for granted I can tell you that. And from what this thing is indicating I better go join QQQ on the Power Maxx machine!!!

See you later folks! Until next week I will leave you of a few pictures of all the awesome TV’s we are stocking up for you for next week. I’m excited!!