Winners Gallery

Hi everybody and welcome to our first winners gallery for our weekly Catchacomp! Thanks to everyone for some great entries, it was really fun reading all the funny poems and it was really hard choosing the winner but after some heavy deliberation followed by some nachos and beer followed by more heavy deliberation I have chosen:


I’m back with a brand new rhymeThe kind that will stick with youTill the end O’ time!When you read it, you will say I’m the bestThe best linguist since Eminem,You can forget the rest!Its about my favorite website- catchofthedayHosted by the one and only- the man himself …JAY!!according to rumors …its unsure what side he prefers to batNot that there is anything wrong with that!!!!!So log in , check out and get off- a daily viewing is a mustIts bigger than Texas, even Pamela Lee’s bust!I’m A lyrical gangster, my words cut deepI’ve got more fans than New Zealand has SheepWhen people see my name they convulse and worryHow does he do it?A secret invention? Some mind boggling technology??No I say, Its Just my natural abilityOh and my housemate helps a lotHer name is Felicity.

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your $50 store credit! See you for our next Catchacomp!!