Jay’s Jamboree

Well talk about a BIG TV SALE. Those babies went quick, I was hoping to catch myself a Series Seven to watch BattleStar Galactica all over again for the 3rd time but QQQ kept screaming about the customer coming first. I think he’s a Cylon.

If you didn’t get your hands on one of those gorgeous Samsung Tv’s then you know exactly how I feel. A tad bit down, so lucky us we’re all about to be cheered up with yet another grand Catchathon! Which means instead of getting one awesome item we can get many many awesome items!!! Shopping cures depression!!! If my thinly veiled pitch didn’t get your blood flowing this fine day, then perhaps our next mind boggling revelation will.

Catch has always been at the forefront of embracing new age tech, and now we do it yet again, yes ladies and gentlemen the rumors are true, casual Friday runs all week at the Catch office andddd…..Catch is now on Twitter!! Our daily twitter profile will update you on the daily catch… and sometimes have special offers… like the GPS from the other day only available to Twitter members!! You can check it out in all its glory at:

If that wasn’t super enough, this week also we have a new addition to our Catch family. He is slightly smarter than most of the people who work here and twice as good looking!! Alfie The Resident Golden Retriever joins the Catch family like a bolt of lightning covered in fur. I think of him as our new mascot sent to rejuvenate our weary bones. The fact that half the customer service crew spent an hour watching Alfie chase his own tail for an hour shouldn’t be an indictment of him.

Here he is in all his cuteness:

Until next week where we sell you more brain bendingly bodacious items at rock bottom ridiculous prices this is Jay signing off to go watch Alfie chase his tail, I have a feeling he just might Catch it!!!