Winners Gallery

Talk about a riveting read, thank you to everyone to submitting all your stories with the same crazy twist ending! It was hard to choose the winner, not many entries this week, but the few were all very good. After reading them all I have to go with the most uniquely funny one which I thought was none other than:


Well they tell us that we have to network to find friends and colleagues that can and will help us with our career.On of the rules I read recently on a website called “Build it Before You Need It” discussed that one shouldparticipate in online forums and visit blogs that interest you.The site further went on to say that every day brings in new opportunities to build relationships with other people and to focus on your immediate network such as family, existing friends and old acquaintances. They might be able to introduce you to people who can help you meet your goals.The idea is that the last thing you want is to be anywhere you find yourself is invisible and that you have to go out of your way to reach out to others anytime and anywhere.Reading this information made me think of Jay, and how lonely he must be, by making these weekly competitions, and offering humgous prizes to ensure that his network was put back into order and he would be lonely no longer.After being AWOL and coming back as a rather straggly unkempt individual, he must have felt that the only way he could reach out to his friends and colleagues and rebuild his career was to offer prize of store credit and that was when he discovered it all cost only one solitary mustard covered dollar.

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your $50 store credit! See you for our next Catchacomp!!