Jay’s Jamboree

Well what a week it has been here at Catch, its like Christmas came early here. Again! Who would have thought that we would have sold close to a billion of those Cuddlees, it was all out race to pick the colors before they sold out and each and every one of them were sold out by the end of the day. Personally I am rocking out to a Light Green Cuddlee myself.

Then to top that we appeared on a special episode of Today Tonight with our very own Gabby reminding our faithful fans and a whole lot of new viewers that while there might be a global recession out there, here at Catch it’s still a 24 hour party each and every day. Then we sold about a TON of Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice board games. I can officially say I am an expert on Sci-Fi and Fantasy Trivia. Yes a Klingon and a Hobbit are not part of the same species.

With last weeks crazy TV sale and the whole weekend of Catchathon it didn’t seem possible to have a better week, but it looks like there a LOT of Hannah Montana fans out there, and they all wanted their very own Disney Hannah Montana Electric Guitar! Yes we sold truck loads of those and I am assuming that a lot of you are rocking out like this:

This week is going to get even better with more crazy catches and sales and I hope I’ll see you here! Until then keep shopping!!!