Jay’s Jamboree

Man what a lazy Sunday afternoon this is turning out to be. Rolling in to the office seemed to be a relaxing way of catching up on some work in peace since no one should be around. Boy was I wrong! QQQ was here commandeering an entire fleet of 2000 W Ceramic Wall Heaters that are for sale today. He seemed to be testing a hundred of them at a go so the weather here feels a bit akin to Mid-Sahara. Let me tell you these Ice Lemon Teas are not cutting it.

For those of you who haven’t signed up for Twitter like me please do so. I am being told that this is going be bigger than Facebook! Ok maybe not bigger than Facebook but definitely with less annoying pictures of people trying to show the world how fun their lives are. This is more of a constant status update of how fun their lives are available at every second. And likewise with Catch you can see constant updates of what we are selling and all the awesome bargains and offers we have for you.

A picture of me and QQQ (on the left) at the Catch office OR the new Kirk and Spock, you be the judge!

Ok I was planning to stay in the office for a good hour or so but it seems like QQQ is planning to test every item we are going to see over the next week, and some of them are downright noisy!!! So it looks like instead I’m heading down to the cinemas to catch Star Trek for a third time. Yes this office is crowded with geeks! See you all soon!