Winners Gallery

Hi guys, welcome back to another week of our winners gallery, it was as hard as ever to pick a winner so thanks to every one for sending in all your wonderful entries. I finally came to choosing non other than:


This story began one and a half weeks ago, on a Thursday afternoon, You see, that day was John and Jenny’s wedding day, the wedding began at 12:00pm sharp. After their perfect wedding, John and Jenny went to Tahiti for their honeymoon, it couldn’t have been better.As they drove home after their honeymoon, John was so excited, he turned to Jenny & said “I can’t wait to get home & watch our honeymoon movies on my new TV”. Jenny looked at John and said “what new TV?”, at this moment John knew he was in big trouble, he just continued driving and shut up. Jenny wouldn’t leave him alone, she just kept asking “what new TV?” John finally gave in.John began to tell Jenny the story, “Well last Thursday week…””You mean our wedding day?””Yes, our wedding day, as you were walking down the aisle, I got on my iPhone and brought a new 52″ Full HD Samsung TV from Catch of the Day””You what?””I brought a 52” TV”That is the last thing that John remembers. He does however have the above photo to remind him of the future he once shared with his beloved Jenny, but now shares with his awesome LCD TV.

So congrats to that great story, and get ready for our next Catchacomp very soon! See you guys!!