Winners Gallery

Welcome back to our grand announcement of this last weeks winner!!!

Looking at the entries for this week I was tossed up between two but finally decided to go with:


Woody: ‘Have you seen two chimps about this high, dressed in tutus?’Larry: ‘Chimps?’Woody: ‘Yes, they stole my lunch See we’re doing this show….’Larry: ‘Ya, they went that way >>> No that way<<<< haha, Oh heck, is that the time? I must dash, I have a lunch date with…'Woody: 'With who?'Larry: 'Your sister'Woody: 'Which one?'Larry: 'Sally, she has legs that…' he calls as he dashes offWoody: 'You hurt her and I'll hunt you down'

That one left me laughing so hard, congrats!!! Join us soon for this weeks Catchcomp!! See you guys!!