Jay’s Jamboree

Funny thing our accountant told us today, if you’re driving to the airport about to leave to Rio for a 1 month holiday with your wife on first class tickets and some drunken blithering idiot crashes into your car…you can sue him for your car repairs, but you can’t sue him for the loss of your flight tickets or for missing your holiday. True story that one.

Which leads me up to what I was going to talk about today, shopping online can be very fun and easy, you point ,click and it’s yours. However there are certain ares of caution you might want to be careful about. When making a credit card payment online, make sure you have an overdraft, you don’t want to get charged for overdrawn fees. That’s called playing it safe.

Likewise the couple that missed their holiday should have had flight insurance.

Play it Safe! Another friendly message from Catch!