SOS! Subscriber Only Specials!

Folks, every now and then we’ll get a really hot offer without enough quantity to share with the regular bargain hunting public – something with enough stock just for you – our loyal subscribers. We are calling these subscriber only specials ‘SOS’!

Expect to receive an ‘SOS’ any time of the day – midday, evening, early morning. Remember – with SOS offers, quantities are very limited, so always act swiftly!

In the next 24 hours we’ll be launching a Baitathon special SOS, so make sure you are subscribed today or you’ll miss out.

Subscribing to our Newsletter:

  • If you are not a CatchOfTheDay member, register an account and make sure the “Subscribe to Newsletter” option is selected.
  • If you are a CatchOfTheDay member and are not currently subscribed, login, access your account and click on “Subscribe to Newsletter”. Note if you are already receiving the daily Catch newsletter, you are already subscribed and ready to receive SOS offers.

There it is folks, get on the list, and get ready to rock!