Winners Gallery

Time once again for us to announce our weekly winner from the Catchcomp. Thanks so much for all your funny letters but the winner we picked was none other than:


Dear Catch,I love your “fit for a giant” beaded necklace. If I could choose to wear only one thing for the rest of my life, this would be it. However… It’s been getting me into a rather uncomfortable amount of trouble lately.The first incident involved me almost being pulled into a toilet bowl face first! I accidentally flushed while the necklace was dangling into the toilet and still attached to my neck…Then, after surviving that situation, I managed to get the necklace caught on a dress in a deparment store. Not only did I acidentally strip the mannequin it was attached to, but after some quick [and unsuccessful] flailing, the mannequin fell towards me, knocking me off my feet and landing on top of me in a rather embarrassing [and adult] position.Just when I thought my day couldn’t get worse, I ran into a man called Eddie Maguire, who, for some reason wanted to paint me orange, sit me under some lights and humiliate me by showing the country that I don’t know the answers to some really obscure questions.And today? Well… Today, it almost took out a toddler’s eye when I was pacing down a supermarket aisle trying to find something!Do you think that perhaps a giant has cursed my necklace?Yours sincerely,The beaded man.

Thanks for your letter, you just won yourself $50 store credit beaded man!

Tune in tomorrow for our next Catchacomp!