We”re back as ever with an ever exciting issue of CATCHACOMP this week for all you loyal customers and the rest of you that like to stalk these pages looking for laughs, you’re all welcome!!!

The last few competitions have been great, lots of jibes on me coming from some of you cats, you know who you are Willo! And we do too, your details are here somewhere!!! I kid I kid, we take all jokes with a doze of salt, but if you’re looking for kicks aim the jibes at QQQ, he lives for that stuff!

This week we’re putting a capital F on Funny with what I am calling:


I’m sure you all know that famous line from The Office, so based on the pictures above give us your favorite or funniest line preceding the kicker “That’s what she said!”

Winner wins $50 store credit and a high five from me. Let the laughs start rolling!