Three Crazy Years!

Next week Catch celebrates her third birthday.

From humble beginnings Catchoftheday is today regularly the most visited Australian online dept. store. It goes without saying it couldn’t have been possible without you – our members, and the incredible word of mouth you’ve generated.

I thought in today’s blog, and in the context of our coming birthday celebration, I would share some of the highlights and numbers from the last three years.

Our first catch ever was a Thomson DVD Recorder for $99. We had hundreds available but only managed to sell 13 as the site crashed under the odd two thousand people online. Back in those days we thought MS Paint was a fantastic image editing tool and write-ups needed to be a minimum 450 words. This is how she looked like back then: CLICK HERE

Largest quantity of a single product sold in a full day: 11,340 units of Coin Counters.

Largest quantity of a single product sold in one hour: 1998 units of Asus EEE PC.

Largest single day revenue: $1.54 Million Samsung LCD TVs

Largest one hour revenue: $1.1 Million Samsung LCD TVs

Largest quantity of items sold in one month: 139931 September 2009. That means on average every 18.52 seconds someone in Australia is catching an item at CatchOfTheDay.

Largest quantity of items sold in one hour: 7400 September Free Day

Number One Customer: Ian Burnett – 246 Orders

Registered Members: 310,000

Staff Members on Day 1: 6

Current Staff: 34 (14 Office, 20 Warehouse)

Warehouse size 3 years ago: 340m2

Warehouse size today: 4000m2


  • BRW fastest 100
  • BRW fastest starters
  • Smart Company top 50
  • Hitwise Top 10

What does the future hold for Catch?

  • Growth, growth and more growth!
  • As we transition to an enterprise level warehouse management system, you’ll see your parcels coming quicker and quicker.
  • The front page is due for a facelift.
  • Expect to see us take on overseas markets very soon.
  • We’ll be launching more micro-sites, like wine.catchoftheday.
  • Of course, the usual pooki but more brands, variety and special events.

There it is – truly the inside scoop on an amazing three years. Watch the blog over the next week for a closer look at how everything works at Catch HQ. Birthday celebrations are on next week, get set for a big one!