Last week was a crazy week at Catch HQ.It started with a whole container of Philips batteries sold on Monday. This Catch on its own kept 20 packing staff busy for 2 days.That same evening we were featured on channel 9’s “A Current Affair”. Our segment had an unbelievable response, with 23,000 new bargain hunters joining the site.We would like to welcome each one of you to the Catch family, and assure you that every week will be just as mad as the last!On Tuesday we had a mind blowing deal on a notebook, moving close to 1400 units by 7.30pm. Apologies to those that missed out.Another scorcher of a deal was Wednesday’s Catch. We took one of Australia’s most popular products, the Sony PS3 Slim and smashed the price. At just $399 after cashback it really generated some waves! The PS3 slim sale will be a continuous feature, tis the season after all. Head to CatchOfTheDay.com.au/ps3slim to catch one now.Thursday was of course, the ubiquitous CatchAThon. Over the 72 hour period (extended twice this time!) we shipped out over 10000 orders, containing over 32,000 items.Later that evening, we were invited by Anthill to the Cool Company Awards as Finalists. We didn’t win, but we’ll take top 3 any day. At least now my daughter thinks I’m cool, that’s all that matters.Get ready for another week of Catch madness as we wrap up Christmas shopping for our members with some truly great bargains.Never forget, you are what makes this place tick. Your amazing loyalty and word of mouth constantly amazes us. Expect to see us working harder than ever to bring you great value, great brands, fast delivery and top after sales service. Until next time!