Another fun week at the office

The week started with us being featured on the popular Sunrise morning show in New Zealand. Free publicity – nothing wrong with that! Monday was quite literally a very sweet day – we featured Ferrero Rocher chocolates just in time for Easter (that’s how thoughtful we are), and the sales blew us away with over 320,000 balls of chocolate sold in less than 7 hours. Er… any chocaholics out there by any chance?

Our condolences to those who missed out; you could always try the usual outlets, but you’ll have to pay 3-4 times our price.

On Tuesday we had the ever popular FREEDAY, and why wouldn’t it be? Everything is free, and all the shoppers have to pay is shipping! Once you do the math, even with the shipping fees the deals are still out of this world, and evidently so with 19,218 items sold (or given away, whichever way you want to look at it) within 24 hours.

Wednesday saw the return of our ever popular/ever hated Baitathon; depending on whether you managed to grab a Black Wii for $199 determines which category you fall under.

As you can imagine, with over 100,000 of you trying to get on at the same time screaming “give me a Wii”, the majority of you went home empty handed. Our condolences about this also – if we could accommodate you all, we certainly would.

Overall during the Baitathon, there were 5,221 lucky punters that managed to grab cameras, iPhone batteries, Nintendo DS and other cool stuff at irresistable prices!

Thursday and Friday saw us breaking sales records again, as usual, with our monthly Catchathon. By now the event needs no introduction.

In summary, another massive week that saw us sell on average, one item every 11 seconds! We’re Australia’s most visited online shopping site and it keeps getting better.

So after this huge week, on Saturday night we switched off for Earth Hour. Now correct me if I’m wrong (and I may very well be, but that would be a good thing), but I’m assuming that we were the only shopping website in the world to do this. We’re proud to have showed our support, because the future of our environment is a big deal, and we here at Catch take it seriously! Click HERE to see the frontpage!

And now you want to know what’s around the corner for this week?

Big deals, crazy Catches and surprises as per usual. You cannot afford to miss a day – make sure you’re around to find out!

April is going to cement us into our number 1 spot even further, but if I tell you any more someone in the office may kill me. All I can safely say is that it’s going to be fun, that’s for sure.