World first exclusive event coming up!

This Thursday at 12 Midday, the Australian website will be the first to showcase a true native 3D experience directly through visitors web browsers. Featuring technology developed in collaboration with Asus, this Thursday’s live “glasses free” 3D web launch will be the first of its kind in the world.

“As Australia’s most popular online retailer, we see 3D technology as a way to stand out and really take our website’s experience to the next level”. CatchOfTheDay co-founder Gabby Leibovich is emphatic on the relevancy of 3D. “As far as we are concerned, after colour television this is truly the next frontier”.

The technology powering the 3D experience has been reportedly developed largely by Asus Technology, one of the early proponents of 3D and certainly no slouch in the innovation department.

“For years before the ‘3D Buzz’ our labs have been coming up with applications for the technology that truly blow the mind – Thursday’s launch is a part of that”

On Thursday customers will be directed to a special 3D page, where special offers will be available on

“We are ecstatic that we are able to offer our customers this fantastic 3D event”, says Gabby.

“After the fantastic support our customers have shown us, we wanted a way to thank them and take online shopping to a new level. With the increasing popularity of 3D movies such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland we were keen to catch on to the 3D phenomenon as well.”

Make sure you are here this Thursday at midday!