Update From The CEO

The last 7 days have been nothing short of spectacular proving that none of you can go past a good deal.

Last Tuesday we had 24 hours dedicated to quilt covers. “Quiltcovers??” you may ask in falsetto. Yes; they sold like crazy, and as amatter of fact 7,114 items were sold on the day, and to be honest,even I was surprised. Who’d have thought, hey?

Then we had another interesting event: the Kick Off, a day dedicatedto top quality business and sports shoes from brands like Rockport,New Balance and Adidas just to name a few. Over 4000 pairs of shoeswere sold in 24 hours – and some retailers are still doubting thepower of the internet. Ha.

And speaking of new entrants to the game, I would like to welcome BigW for jumping into “our” chartered waters with the start of theironline selling.

All this means is that the pie is getting bigger and more people aregiving online shopping a try.

But what does it mean for Catch? Sooner or later every serious onlineshopper will hear about the No.1 destination for bargains in Australiaand that is undoubtedly us. I’m looking forward to being able to quotethe sale of 8000 pairs of shoes with our ever growing membership inthe not so distant future.

As for our little sister, Scoopon.com.au is growing from strength tostrength, with more and more suppliers joining the queue to feature anexperience or a service to our deal-hungry audience.Perth and Adelaide are about to be launched. Hang with us…

Plus, we have just this week located our next warehouse and I’m happyto say that the whole team will be moving during the month ofSeptember to larger, state of the art premises in Moorabbin.

But what’s on the horizon in June?

Most importantly, for me it’s 2 weeks watching the world cup in SouthAfrica (somebody’s got to go to report back what’s really happeningover there. Might as well be me…), and for you there are end offinancial year deals to be had. June is traditionally our IT andgadget month, with suppliers trying to meet end of financial yeardeadlines- for you guys this means unbelievable deals on IT andtechnology. So hang out for that!

And until the next blog – Go Socceroos!!