Coming Up – One Helluva Party!

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday the 26th of October, CatchOfTheDay turns 4! It’s been an amazing four years, we are Australia’s number 1 online department store and its time to celebrate! There’s no better way to celebrate than with our own style of crazy hour by hour sales. For those of you who are new, that means that come the big day, we’ll be selling one amazing deal every hour on the hour.

Since we are celebrating together we thought it would be nice to get your input on which particular deals will be featured. We’ve listed in the grid below some of our deal ideas (Scroll down to view). Show us which you like the most and we’ll do our best to make sure they make it to the event. We’ll be adding more ideas on Monday and Tuesday. The final confirmed list will be released on Friday 22nd October.

One last thing, we’ll be releasing the starting time of the event by e-mail the evening before – so if you are not yet subscribed to our vital daily e-mail service, please do so below:

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Show us which deals you like:

P.S We’ve upgraded our servers and web hosts since our last major event, but we have to say – if you think that a few server crashes, congestion and such is going to be really too much to handle, sit this one out! Join us on CatchAThon which will be happening the day after.