CatchOfTheDay Turns 4!

This week Catch celebrates her fourth birthday. From humble beginnings is now Australia’s undisputed NUMBER 1 ONLINE DEPARTMENT STORE! Thank you all for telling your friends and family about us, without your gracious word of mouth none of this would have been possible.

Four years ago we set out on a mission, to offer up unbelievable bargains in every possible category, to give Australians of all walks of life a reason to visit our site once per day. 2010 saw us grow towards that goal faster than any previous year. We ventured in a big way into new territories such as apparel, groceries, footwear, sunglasses, jewellery and hardware. Expect to see much more including sporting, gardening, furniture, watches and hopefully automobiles.

Some of the highlights and numbers from the last four years that you may find interesting:

  • Our first catch ever was a Thomson DVD Recorder for $99. We had hundreds available but only managed to sell 13 as the site crashed under the odd two thousand people online.
  • Largest quantity of a single product sold in a full day: 320,000 Chocolate balls of Ferrero Rocher
  • Largest quantity of a single product sold in one hour: 1998 units of Asus EEE PC.
  • Largest single day revenue: $1.54 Million Samsung LCD TVs
  • Largest one hour revenue: $1.1 Million Samsung LCD TVs
  • Largest quantity of items sold in one month: 179780 September 2010. That means on average every 14 seconds someone in Australia is catching an item at CatchOfTheDay.
  • Largest amount of items sold in a day: 49380 from the October 2010 Grocery Run. That’s an item every 2 seconds.
  • Largest quantity of items sold in one hour – 12540 sold during the “Get out of here” sale
  • Best selling item of all time: Bosston power board – over 60000 sold
  • On average catch members visit the site between 4-7 times per week, massive loyalty!
  • 25% of our members have bought more than 22 items each.
  • Number of members joined last week: 21,000
  • Number of staff on the roster on Catch’s opening night: 6
  • Number of staff currently on the roster: 64
  • Warehouse size 4 years ago: 340m2
  • Warehouse size today: 4600m2

Interesting developments of the last year:

  • We launched a sister site this year Scoopon is fast following in the footsteps of its big sister, offering discounted coupons on experiences and fun things to do around your city. Currently selling thousand of discount coupons every week!
  • Mossimo, Superdry and Mooks clothing. Over 18000 garments sold across three huge sales. Setting us on a path to bring you more and more apparel.
  • Co-operation with Bevilles to feature a 3-piece pearl necklace set for just $19.95. Huge response with 6000 units caught in 24 hours.
  • Branded casual footwear. Every sale moving 4500 – 5800 pairs of shoes, expect to see more and more of your favourite footwear brands in future.
  • Polaroid sunglasses event: 7400 caught in 24 hours. We had no idea how this one would do, but seems like it was a winner, expect to see another huge sunglasses event soon.
  • Hardware and machinery. We thought we would test the waters with a humble chain saw offering and the response was 2400 sold overnight. Since then we’ve moved everything from generators to pumps. Expect to see much more in 2011 from the best brands.
  • The mystery brand phenomenon. It started with a Mystery 1TB Portable Hard drive, of which 2000 sold overnight. Now suppliers are lining up with more mystery offers as they try to move huge amounts of stock that traditional retailers are just proving incapable of selling, without upsetting bullish store managers!


  • BRW fastest 100 – No.3
  • BRW fastest starters
  • Smart Company top 50
  • ANZ BRW Top 5 fastest growing Private company.
  • Hitwise No.1 Online Dept. Store
  • What does the future hold for Catch?

  • By late December this year we will be finally completing the long and difficult process of transition to the IBM Websphere eCommerce platform and Sage warehouse. Expect to enjoy more stability on our pressure cooker sales, thanks to fully integrated cloud based hosting. You will also enjoy much sharper delivery times, with the newer much more capable warehouse management system.
  • In February we will be launching a new micro-site serving up amazing deals in one of our most exciting categories, more will be revealed soon.
  • In late 2011 expect to see another awesome sister site.
  • Of course we will continue our quest to explore every category possible, bringing you the best deals in every area.
  • There it is – truly the inside scoop on an amazing four years. Watch the blog over the next two weeks for a video detailing our big move from Mulgrave to our shiny new offices and massive warehouse in Moorabbin.

    Thank you for sticking along for the ride. We love you all!