What will be the future of gaming? PS3 with Move or XBOX with Kinect. Who is the king of the tablet hill? The iPad or the new gun – the Galaxy Tab? What if we take price out the equation – which would you prefer? SHOW US WHICH ONE YOU LIKE! We’ll release 50 of each of winner at the price indicated below on the front page of Catch for an hour each (details regarding time and date are below). Who comes up with these wacky promotions anyway?

BATTLE B: iPad vs Galaxy Tab

  • Voting for Battle B closes Thursday 9th December 5PM

  • 50 units of the winner of Battle B will be sold on Thursday evening on the front page of, to receive notification of the precise time of sale make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or “Like” us on Facebook.
  • This is a members only promotion, to be able to access the site you require a registered account. Register here for free.

Please note, server will crash (our upgrades are still a work in progress), there will only be 50 of each winning deal available and chances of actually securing one are slim – if this may be upsetting, please do not participate.