Catch Christmas Party!

Every company has to have an end of year Christmas party and this year we really wanted to go “overboard”. So we hired a cruise boat and set sail at 7pm on Tuesday night from Victoria Harbour at Docklands. We had 120 guests on board – our fabulous staff and their partners – and food, drinks and music were plentiful as we cruised around Port Philip Bay.

Dancing was abundant as the bar was consumed and the night wore on, but everyone had a splendid time and we docked back at Victoria Harbour just before midnight. As expected, Wednesday was a slow start with plenty of lazy slackers rocking up late – one guy still hasn’t made it back, but we’re doing well without him so we’re not too concerned about the disappearance.

All in all it was nothing but a great night and everyone had a fantastic time. It certainly topped last year’s pizza and bowling “party”!

So from all of us here at Australia’s Number 1 Online Department Store, have fun looking over the evidence of our cruisey night out and Merry Christmas to you all!