WIN Official FIFA World Cup Soccer Balls here on Catch!

Soccer is here again with the Asian championship in full swing, and if you love Soccer and the Socceroos as much we do, then you have to be here on Thursday Feb 3, 2011 when Catch hosts a massive FIFA Day! There will be plenty of official FIFA and World Cup merchandise being cleared out at up to 90% off their original prices, and you can expect to see a lot of Socceroos stuff, as well as England, Italy, Brazil and more. It’s gonna be great – there’ll be beanies, hoodies, t-shirts, balls, scarves, sports bags, school bags, track pants and baby suits, and things that used to sell for $50 will go for $5, stuff that used to sell for $100 will go for $10!

But until then, we plan to keep the fans happy and geared up with the best soccer competition ever. Simply copy and paste the following message onto your Facebook status bar:

“I’ve entered the Socceroos comp on catchoftheday and I’m in the running to win a licensed FIFA South Africa 2010 soccer ball. Now I can’t wait for Official FIFA Merchandise at Catch prices on Feb 3, 2011!″

Or this in your Twitter bar:

“ #socceroos I can’t wait for official FIFA merchandise at Catch prices on Feb 3, 2011! @todayscatch”

We’ll be giving away 5, yes that’s right, FIVE official FIFA soccer balls to 5 lucky entrants EVERY day – so make sure you update your status and report back here or on facebook/twitter when it’s done to be in the running! Winners will be announced daily on Facebook OR Twitter, so get posting now!

Check out the awesome ball you could win…