How to personalise your photos!


Click the ‘Get Started’ button to access the personalisation main menu (A), listing all the items available. If you are not already logged in you will be re-directed to our login page before bringing you to the main menu as shown in the image below. Just click on any one of the 11 images to begin the personalisation process. You will be taken to the editing screen (B) where everything happens.



Enter a name that best describes the image you are planning to use for your personalisation project. Follow the 3 simple steps outlined in the control panel (left). The display panel (right) defines the printable area, which is outlined by the green lines. The area between the red and green lines is wrapped around the wooden frame of the canvas print and is not visible when viewing from the front of the canvas (of course, this last part only applies to canvas prints, and not the other personalisation items). The display panel prompts you if the uploaded photo does not fully cover the printable area (placement warning) or if the image is below the recommended resolution (resolution warning). Just point your cursor at the placement and resolution warning prompts (C) for more information. You can also point and drag on the image in the display panel to position the images to your liking.




To fix the placement warning, just click the button on the control panel to stretch the image to fit the printable area. This however compromises on the quality of the image. Best results are achieved with a high resolution image that doesn’t need to be stretched. When you are satisfied with your project, just click the ‘Save & Add to Cart’ button. You will see a confirmation pop-up message (D) with instructions on how to proceed.



As the pop-up message suggests, click on ‘Create Another Photo Product’ to create more personalised items and follow repeat guide 1) and 2). When you are done and would like to proceed to checkout, just click on ‘Go To Shopping Cart’ and you will be taken to the screen below (E).



At shopping cart (E), you can:

  • Click on ‘Checkout’ to proceed to payment and order confirmation
  • Click on ‘Continue Shopping’ to be directed to our main page add more (non-personalisation) items to your shopping cart.
  • Remove or change the quantity of your saved project. To remove, check/tick the corresponding box in the ‘Remove’ column and click the green ‘Update’ button.To change the quantity of a particular personalisation item, edit the Qty column and click the green ‘Update’ button. Note, changes at shopping cart, will not be saved until the ‘Update’ button is clicked.
  • Add more personalisation items by clicking on the link in your SOS email. Remember combined shipping charges only apply to items in one order.

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