Just an average week…

While the rest of the financial media is busy reporting one retail profit downgrade after another, life at Australia’s #1 ecommerce group could not be better.

I’m starting to call us an ecommerce group now because the group is certainly growing; first was CatchOfTheDay, then came Wine.CatchOfTheDay, and now we have Scoopon.com.au. We also have two more massive sister sites on their way and you’ll be seeing a lot more of us this year, both in the media and on your computer screens.

And our growth hasn’t stopped since Christmas; we’ve had a massive January and continue to kick goals in February, which just goes to show that nothing beats a great deal, and no one in Australia sources better deals than us. On Sunday alone we sold more than 30,000 cookbooks!

Here are some numbers. In the week of 7-13 February 2011:

  • CatchOfTheDay sold 106,109 items, an item every 6 seconds on average.
  • Scoopon sold 44,123 Scoopons. That’s a lot of happy customers.
  • Scoopon’s revenue for that week alone was $2.1 million. That’s a lot of happy small business owners.
  • Over 16,000 new members joined, putting our mailing list at 900,000. That’s a lot of people who want great deals!

CatchOfTheDay is Australia’s most visited online shopping site for a reason. The site is a host to Australia’s best database of online shoppers, and Scoopon was built on the back of CatchOfTheDay’s amazing following. Our customers have joined and keep visiting us because they like what they see, and what they see is simply better deals than anywhere else. Our membership grows simply by word of mouth and nothing else. There is nothing better.

Unlike some pretenders out there, our database was not bought, our customers are not joining to win an iPad, our Facebook followers are not based in Guatemala, and Google hasn’t seen a cent from us in regard to Adwords. This small company, which began in a garage five years ago, is going to teach the big boys—those with big ad budgets and big media companies behind them—how it’s done.

We’re also having a fun event next week, where ‘You Decide The Deals’. Please CLICK HERE to participate.

And one last thing: last night we were featured on Today Tonight, CLICK HERE to see the story. (Hint: Click on the link – ‘Find Savings Online’)

All in all, a pretty average week at Australia’s #1 ecommerce player.