Having trouble logging into your account?

IIf you’re having trouble accessing your account, the most common cause is bad Cookies. (Who would have thought there could be such a thing!). We’re not talking about the kind you eat though, these are the little miracles stored in your web browser that are used for authentication when you log in to your favourite websites.

To ensure that all of the information in your web browser is up to date, it is recommended that Cookies are deleted on a regular basis. Before emailing us, or throwing your computer out the window in panic – please delete your cookies if you’re having any issues, this should clear it right up (Make sure you reset your browser once done). If this doesn’t help, by all means shoot us a quick email to the Tech section in the help center or at tech@catchoftheday.com.au and we’ll help you out.

For detailed instructions on how to delete Cookies for various browsers, please visit the below website.


Please include below info if you contact us:

  • Which browser and version you are using (ie. internet explorer 8, mozilla firefox 3.5 etc)
  • Which ISP you use (ie. Bigpond/internode/TPG)
  • Are you behind a proxy server or firewall? If you don’t know, then you probably aren’t (though most workplaces are behind a proxy)