Things are looking good at Catch!

The last 2 weeks at Catch of the Day have been nothing short of unbelievable.Saying that, we seem to be breaking sales records month after month!

There are two reasons for that. Firstly, let’s be honest, no one in the country evencomes close to the quality of our deals. Secondly, I really feel the tide has turned and more people are discovering that shopping online, especially at Catch of the Day, offers the best prices, range and experience.

Last Wednesday alone 22,000 new members joined Catch of the Day. That is a phenomenal number! I am guessing it probably took us six months back in 2006 to reach a membership of 20,000.

So what has been happening this month at Australia’s number #1 online retailer?

We welcomed our 100th staff member. Just six months ago we had a team of 50.Now we have doubled that! I would like to extend a big welcome to Kunal, whohails from NZ and he is an online marketing and data analysis genius! Kunal hasalready managed to injure himself this week playing soccer with the Catch of theDay indoor team. Maybe he should stick to cricket!

This week we hosted our first ever dedicated “social sale”. If you have missed it, here is a TEASER. This sale allows us to say thank you to our 80,000+ Facebook followers, and 20,000+ Twitter followers by giving them access to exclusive offers.

The sale certainly broke sales records with over 42,000 items sold and 23,000+ orders placed. To put that into perspective, that translates to about 20 Australia Post semi-trailers hitting the road in 24 hours! Please excuse us if deliveries are slightly slower than usual this week. We are working hard to catch up.

This week we also trialed our fashion sub site “Brand Street”. When we emailedour members with dedicated offers from REEBOK, we managed to sell6000+ garments. It really didn’t come as a surprise to us. We know our membersare very sporty, having just sold over 9000 TOP BRAND SPORT SHOES a fewdays earlier. You can expect to see some serious growth in fashion and apparelsales at Catch of the Day over the coming months with some great offers in thepipeline.

We love a milestone and on the 12 April our sister site will becelebrating its 1st birthday. The rise of Scoopon from anonymity to a householdname within 12 months is testament to the great team and the deals that we arefeaturing daily. Expect to see a lot more from Scoopon in its second year, as wecome to a town near you.

I would also like to send a big thank you to our suppliers who help us deliverthe amazing deals every day. If you are a supplier, no matter what categoryyou are in, we would love to hear from you. There is no better solution inthe market to move your stock quickly and in very large volumes. Email us:

Last but not least, we are hiring! Do you have what it takes to work for Australia’s leading online retailer? If so, we want to hear from you. We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic team leaders in all categories. Fromfinance, IT, group managers, marketing, product sourcing – if you are THEBEST, and would like to join a fun team that actually understands the internet- Harvey Norman employees need not apply 🙂 – please get in touch

Catch you later