What’s happening?

Having not written an update on the group for quite some time doesn’t actually mean that nothing new isn’t happening – quite the contrary! Sooooo much is happening that no one has any time to writethe blogs:

But we haven’t forgotten about you, and we want to keep you in the loop, so here’s a little summary ofthe last month and a few new developments that are on the cards:

Mumgo hits the right note with mums:

Mumgo.com.au, our 5th online store and the first Australian site dedicated exclusively to the needs of mums and their families, was launched just six weeks ago and is already proving a big hit with mums – we have thousands of new members signing up every day!

To keep up with the demand we’ve been sourcing new team members. We now have thirteendedicated staff building the Mumgo business, including four buyers focused on sourcing thebest deals for our customers.

Supporting this team is over 400 staff that make up the broader Catch group, providingcentralised support across HR, legal, warehousing and IT.

A heads up to suppliers: if you’re interested in reaching Australia’s largest community ofmothers online, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can tailor a program to suit your needs.

CatchOfTheDay, more deals and more fun:

For the third year running, CatchOfTheDay has been named Australia’s no.1 shopping site.People often ask me: what’s the secret to your sustained success? It really is quite simple.At the end of the day it comes down to the quality of the deals we feature and our abilityto continuously innovate, introduce and execute exciting new ways of engaging with ourcustomers. We bring the fun and convenience back to shopping.

If you combine great deals with a fun shopping experience, people will talk. This is how wegrow: WORD OF MOUTH. People in offices around the country are talking about our deals,emailing, Tweeting and “Liking” or “Sharing” our Facebook offers to their friends – and tothose people that do, we love you for it. Social media is certainly contributing to positiveconversations. Thank you Australia!

Talking about social media, our Facebook “Like” count is just tipping 300,000 followers. As amatter of fact, we are the most followed department store in the country – I think we have the4th most followed retail brand on Facebook (give or take a few…)

But we are always looking for ways to improve and we think we can do a lot better. So…we are looking to give our site a facelift! The new design should be hitting your screen byChristmas and in the meantime we have introduced two new concepts to the site.

Themed pop-up shops have allowed us to feature more brands and more sales at anyone time on the site, meaning you can really stock up and save on delivery.

Our iPhone App seems to be going from strength to strength as well, winning worldwide acclaim and great reviews from both the media and users. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’re truly missing out.

What’s in store for the coming months?

Our group is turning six in October, so stay tuned and celebrate with us for some amazingbirthday deals.

We will be moving office and warehouse again later in the year. This will be our fifth movein six years to accommodate our massive growth – but more about that in another blog.

We also have a surprise up our sleeve in late September with the release of our sixth site.This new one is sure to surprise a few people out there!

We also will be #fght786gqe456rgil%^78 (sorry, I’m being gagged by our media departmentfor revealing too much…)

OK, back to work!