We are Moving!

You may remember that last year in September we moved our warehouse and offices, and committed to a site in Braeside Victoria that was double the capacity we needed at the time (14,000 sqm). The idea was to provide room for future growth.

So much for that! Thanks to your incredible support and passion for great deals, over the last 6 months we’ve outgrown our current warehouse – far sooner than we planned to.

Just last month, Catch shipped an average of 10,000 orders per day. We recently launched VinoMofo and Mumgo, both of which are going absolutely gangbusters and moving thousands of items, and guess what – Christmas is around the corner!

You’ve shown us that there is huge appetite for bargains on brands in every category, and our challenge is to now scale up and meet the level of demand.

In response we’ve made a huge multi-million dollar commitment to two new sites:

  1. 25,000 sqm of warehouse space in Truganina, Victoria (we also struggle with the pronunciation), which comes with the option for us to expand at short notice to up to50,000 sqm. That’s over 3 times our current size.
  2. 5,000 sqm of just office space in Mulgrave, Victoria. Almost 4 times our current office space.

This means that we’ll be very well placed to provide you all with extremely fast dispatch for your Christmas / Holiday orders this year, and also fit all the new buyers, customer service, programmers and other team members we need for the foreseeable future (fingers crossed – this is our 4th consecutive move).

Unfortunately this also comes with some short term pain, moving a warehouse of our size, all while shipping out thousands of orders every day is very complex and as much as we have planned and planned and planned, we know that you can’t always rely on things going to plan – so some of your orders will be delayed or affected.

The move started yesterday, and will continue over the next 12 days, so we please ask that over the next two weeks you accept our apologies in advance for any delays incurred on your orders. It’s all for the best, and once we are past this little hurdle, we’ll be back to shipping things out nice and fast.

Thanks again for your phenomenal support, we have a tremendous Christmas/holiday shopping lineup in store with some amazing deals on the biggest brands, we hope you like it!

Thanks for reading,