6 years ago

6 years ago, a small team of 6 were sitting around a PC at midnight within a tiny 250m2 warehouse in Moorabbin, Melbourne. As they counted down 5,4,3,2,1 Blast off – catchoftheday.com.au was born.

With a simple premise of selling one deal a day, our first deal was a Thomson DVD Recorder (http://bit.ly/P4relJ) for $79. We had 300 in the warehouse, but within the hour the site crashed and we only managed to sell 13 units…

4 out of the 6 original team members are still with us today. But since then we’ve managed to grow slightly to a team of 600 people, running 6 different industry-leading sites.

Ok, enough with the number 6.

It’s certainly an understatement, but it’s been one hell of a ride. Today catchoftheday is the most talked about online player in the aussie scene, Australia’s undisputed no.1 shopping site, the most viewed shopping site, and the accolades go on! I would like to take this opportunity and thank each and every one of our amazing staff members – without their energy and hard work none of this would have been possible.

We have an amazing team and an unbelievable work culture that feels more like a family than people that simply share the same building. This is something that makes me incredibly proud.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our 1000s of suppliers. Again, without their continual support and push you would have had to continue paying full retail prices, and we don’t like doing that, do we?

I know that you love stats, so here is some stuff that I can remember, it may not be the most accurate figures, but I didn’t want to bother the analysts too much:

– Launched 25th October 2006 at midnight. We listed on midnight for about a week, then got really tired from lack of sleep and switched to midday.

– Staff today: 622. Staff at launch: 6

– Warehouse space today: 45,000m2. Warehouse at launch: 250m2

– Our targets for the month of launch were to sell 60 items a day, today we ship about 12,000 orders daily.

– We actually fill about 8 semi-trailers a day and are Australia Post’s no.1 parcel sender!

– Best day ever:  $3m revenue (give or take a few)

– Expected revenue this year: $350m

– Interesting Daily sales figures: 150,000 pieces of Bonds underwear in one day, $1m of Samsung TVs within an hour, 330,000 Ferrero Rocher balls, 675,000 Hungry Jacks vouchers, 11,000 pairs of sports shoes, and the list goes on!

– 2010: Launched Scoopon: Now Australia’s no.1 buying group site for services.

– 2011: Launched Groceryrun: now Australia’s most visited online supermarket.

– 2012: Launched Vinomofo (April), Launched Mumgo  (July), Launched Eatnow  (October)

But with all this success, the most exciting part is that we are still a young kid – just 6 years old. I believe that we have just graduated from the Kindergarten of retail, and are about to embark on a new chapter.

One thing for sure is that we aren’t going to sit still – the market is moving very fast and we want to make sure that we are at the forefront of disruption. We have all the tools to keep moving forward, and we have the talent, motivation and team to help us reach these great heights!

Lastly, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our amazing customers! We know that without you we are nothing! We appreciate that you have a choice and in many cases you choose to depart with your cold hard cash in favour of our products. We apologise for being pushy sometimes, and we appreciate that you read our emails – multiple times a day sometimes! We’re sorry that if along the way we sold you some crap that you never needed – but this is our job.

To many more years together!

This is Catchoftheday.