CEO Sleepout

On the 20th of June this month is the annual St. Vincents’ CEO sleepout event.
The event is all about raising awareness to homelessness. The 1st of June marks the first day of winter, and hey, winter really arrived fast this year… Remember the thunder of Friday night..Now imagine that with no roof over your head.
Below is my little shpil on Vinnies website, Please click on the image at the bottom and donate. It is a great cause.
Co-founder of Australia’s #1 Shopping site Catchoftheday and first time sleep-outerer. A lot of us are very fortunate to have a beautiful house with a roof over our head, a bed and many comforts we take for granted every day. I’m getting involved in the sleepout this year to help raise awareness and funds for those who are less fortunate. We have over 3 million members and will be doing everything we can to promote the cause and spread this message far and wide. Most of us don’t think twice about spending $100 on a movie and a meal, so why not skip the crappy flick, eat at home and think about where that money could be better spent for one night. Please donate generously.
Gabby Leibovich