Thank you Australia!

Australia’s number one shopping site is turning seven years old this week! Starting in a small garage with a handful of people and products we are now Australia Posts’s number 1 customer, shipping over 10,000 parcels every single day.  So if you are looking for a bargain with the convenience of shopping online or you are a supplier of quality brand name products looking for a growing space in retail, come and visit us online.

Online shopping is growing strongly but that doesn’t mean that anyone is missing out.  We employ over 600 staff in Australia, we pay GST and income tax in Australia, we support local suppliers and ship through Australia Post.  So how do we do it? We buy large quantities, pay 100% upfront, only require suppliers to ship to one warehouse and we don’t return any unsold goods to our suppliers.  That way we get the best prices but still manage to allow our suppliers to make their margins and it allows us to bring quality brand name goods to our customers at a large discount to traditional retailers.

Digital is helping disrupt every conceivable niche out there from newspapers to books, from agriculture to medicine, from photography to video stores – if you stop innovating, chances are that someone will come and eat your lunch.

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We have been growing by 100% every year, and our revenues are over $300m.  The market is still growing fast and we are growing faster.

Thank you to our existing suppliers and customers for supporting us.  If you haven’t used out sites or supplied us yet, it’s time to jump on board.  We have the best online shopping audience in the country, best in class customer service and Australia’s leading logistics operation thanks to the services of our long time partner Australia Post.

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