9 Amazing Accessories From Big Brand Designers


Every woman deserves a good set of designer accessories to complete her outfit…

But sometimes, the price tags on these beautiful pieces are just too scary to even look at! Not to worry, this range of pieces features some of our favourite designers. The accessories look amazing and won’t cost you an arm (If anything, they’ll make your arm perfectly accessorised!)

9 Accessories from Designer Ranges:

Classic Pebbled Black HandbagMarc by Marc Jacobs

Black/Grey Rea SunglassesJimmy Choo

Pandora Intricate Lattice Openwork Charm

Pandora Present Charm

Pandora Celebration Cake Charm

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Heart Bracelet

Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch with Black Leather Band

Fossil Marlow Chestnut Wristlet

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