Get Fit in Fluoro – Women’s Activewear

Getting active is so much easier when you’ve got the right gear on! And what better colour to motivate than fluoro pink. For any women looking for a new fitness style, we love these strong and sexy colours!

In the Catch of the Day office, we have a few fitness fanatics with great mantras to get up and about every morning:


To be honest I’m not a morning person at all, but I find that getting involved in group walks or group classes at the gym are the best way to get me excited to jump out of bed!


Getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to wake up bright the next morning. The good feeling I get after I go running is great motivation.


I love 30-day challenges! Yoga, meat-free months or even trying to walk 20-mins every day – I like that there’s an end date in sight, but lately, I’ve found many of the habits stick way past that!


See how our fitness flatlay comes to life in the video below:

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