Go Fluoro or Go Home – Men’s Activewear

If you’re a fitness freak, having the right gear is essential to achieving a maximum workout. You may not have the biggest muscle flex but you’ll get noticed with a touch of fluoro.

Try the fluoro fitness look if you’re:

1. Looking to get noticed at the gym by that cutie on the treadmill.

2. Wanting to be accidentally mistaken for a professional athlete!

3. Looking for a lift! Fluoro clothes will ignite your workout and make you work harder. (We have no scientific evidence that proves this but hey, it sounds like it could work!)

If you are looking to pump up your workout or catch the attention of the gym goers around you, then fluoro is the only way to go! As we said before “go fluoro or go home!”

See how our fitness flatlay comes to life in the video below:

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