Girls’ Night In Essentials

A good ‘girls’ night in’ is the best time to relax in ultimate comfort…

In these style essentials, your night is sure to be full of fun, with a touch of indulgence. After all, every girl deserves a good night in!


 A comfy cushion

Comfort is an absolute must have for a night in. Something to snuggle while the heartthrob from your favourite romcom is pouring his heart out! Grab a cushion and surround yourself in cushy comfort.

A good bottle of wine

This one is for the ladies who love a drop of the good stuff. Wine is classy so it’s completely OK to drink even when you’re home alone. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a glass of wine to unwind with!

Loungewear in stylish grey tones

There’s something about luscious Marle grey tones that just scream luxury lounging. Think soft trackies, and tank tops for the perfect combination of comfortable style. You want to be relaxed but still look stylish in case those unexpected guests pop over!

Killer playlist

Nothing says ‘girls’ night in’ more than a killer playlist. Make sure you’ve got all your female anthems, karaoke favourites and love song dedications to sing your heart out when no one else is around!

Warm mug of hot chocolate

When you’re all rugged up and ready to pop in your favourite movie, it is essential that your hands have something warm to hold. Whether it’s a hot tea, a coffee or a creamy hot chocolate, a warm drink is the best way to get that warm fuzzy feeling.

Pjs and oversized Jumper

If your going for ultimate comfort, you’ve got to have the right pyjamas! Whether you’re a silk or satin lover, or love to lounge in cotton pjs, pair with an oversized jumper and you’re in for an awesome girls’ night in!

A girls’ best friend – chocolate

The ultimate night in snack. Chocolate is known to give a stimulated high when eaten, and what better way to get happy vibes than with a block of chocolate. We love Cadbury Furry Friends! Warning: You may not be able to stop yourself from indulging once you’ve begun!

Do you have any romcom or movie suggestions for a girls’ night in? Let us know what to add to our movie collection!

(Not all items in image available for sale)

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