Top Free Podcasts That You Need In Your life!

By Ollie

So we’re gonna have to pick just a few categories of podcasts to cover today. The reason? Have you SEEN how many podcasts there out there now?! Holly hell. We can only guess – though we estimate that around 300,000 worldwide wouldn’t be that far off the mark. That’s a lot of listening right there.

We shot this topic around the office a bit and these are some we think you should get into. And because we all care about saving a few bucks, these podcasts are ABSOLUTELY FREE TO DOWNLOAD & ENJOY. But please remember, many of these podcasts have some seriously colourful language and adult themes in them (especially the comedy ones), so please use your judgement on whether they’re suitable or not. Boring legal spiel over… Enjoy.

Comedy Podcasts

 It’s like reminiscing trainwreck-style movies from the last couple of decades with your best mates and analysing how monstronitarily bad they all were. Some good episodes include, Toys, Spice World, Stop! Or my Mom Will Shoot! … oh boy, you get the point here.

by Wil Anderson & Charlie Clausen – Local comedy is great to throw into the mix and Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen continue to deliver with random convos, gags & occasional arguments. After listening to a few you might just start feeling like one of the boys yourself.

with Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger – Weekly convo between up-&-coming comic Tig Notaro and her co-hosts focusing on topics from the scientific to philosophical to metaphysical. Yep, it’s all there.

 He has an in-form mix of guests (Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, Stephen Merchant & Jon Favreau to name a few) so if you can stand Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm fame interjecting often (many can’t) it’s worth it.

Gaming Podcasts

This is a short, concise and to-the-point show offering the latest gaming news and hard-hitting discussions about the industry in just 30 minutes. Got it? Good.

Technology Podcasts

We don’t know about you, but we love our tech news to be delivered in a British accent because it makes us feel like James Bond. And Tech Weekly delivers! Not so much covering the absolute latest gadgets as general sweeping issues within this increasingly broadening category. Politicians and encryption; the top digital moments of 2014; MP3 files and their demise; where to for computer games? …It’s a mixed downloadable bag.

technology trends

General Interest Podcasts

If you’ve been trapped underneath a pile of newspapers with nothing to do apart from bounce a nearby basketball (yes, we’re talking to you Principal Skinner), you could be forgiven for having not heard about this little gem. A spin-off from the podcast This American Life, which is also worth checking out, you can get immersed in the first season covering the murder of a high school girl from Baltimore and the dubious trial of her ex-boyfriend. A second season is underway, so there’ll be more to come after these brief words from MailChimp (once you listen to this podcast that gag will totally kill, trust us).

Health Podcasts

From fascinating medical breakthroughs to daily smart habits, researchers & doctors share discoveries about medicine & living healthy from TED conferences, TEDx events and more. Well worth the effort.

We could all benefit from some enhanced inner peace… WELL, COULDN”T WE?!! (Ahem, cough cough). This is a modern meditation tool designed to help bring balance, a sense of calm and clarity to young lives. Covering meditation, breathing exercises and plenty more – be at one with this podcast.



 By Stephen J. Dubner and WNYC – For a podcast to make topics such as ‘insurance’ and ‘retirement’ seem interesting – you know it’s doing a lot of things right. Be engaged, enlightened and always entertained by this top selling book spin-off. Its installments vary from 5 – 45+ mins in length.

by TEDTalks – You’ve followed the occasional vid on YouTube, now enjoy it while you’re driving, exercising – even trying to wind down for the night. The theme of ‘ideas worth spreading’ is explored with some fascinating and inspirational stories of human endeavour.

Produced by WNYC – Again, to make topics of a scientific and philosophical nature accessible and interesting is no mean feat. It’s widely acclaimed and award winning. Subscribe. Do it. Good pre-game chat, people.


So there you are. We did all we could. We could talk for hours about this – but we know you probably have lives that you want to live!


 Do you think we missed out on some solid performers? Maybe there’s a killer podcast that we haven’t ever heard of? Feel free to comment and let us know if it’s the case. Until next time, happy listening!


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