Men's and Women's Fragrances

How to Choose The Right Fragrance For You…

The perfume that you wear makes a statement. Like adding a touch of your own personality. So choosing the right fragrance for you is an important task. But walking into a perfume store can often be intimidating and overwhelming! So we’ve taken the fuss out of picking a fragrance that will suit your style! Whether you’re a fresh, fruity or floral type of person, our guide to choosing the right fragrance has it all layed out…

From the Ladies Perfumery:

Perfumes for women are generally categorised into four types of scents; Floral, Sweet, Fruity or Exotic. There are hundreds of scents in the world, each with their own unique blend of the four main scents, so be sure to look at the notes of the fragrance (notes is just a fancy word for scent!).

how to choose a-female perfume


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For the men, choosing the right cologne can be intimidating, especially if you’re not one for the beauty department! Picking a scent that you think smells ‘spot-on’, only to be told by your partner that you smell like a grandpa is never a good outcome. So make sure your picking the right notes for your style.

how to choose a-male fragrance

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Top tips for wearing your scent well

1. Don’t over-spray!

The more you wear a perfume or fragrance, the more common the scent becomes to you and it can be harder for your nose to pick up the scent when you spray. This often leads to people spraying four or five times which is way too much! Stick to one or two sprays maximum for the perfect strength.

2. Rotate your scents

It’s a great idea to have two different scents to rotate between from time-to-time. That way you will maintain a great scent that is more noticeable to the people around you, as you keep changing it up. Be sure to keep two scents that make similar personal statements but give a good whiff of variation.

3. Spritz in the right spots

The best places on your body to spray perfume are on your neck, wrists and behind your ears. Your scent will last much longer and give an all day freshness.

What’s your signature scent? Share with us in the comments!

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