7 Guy Style Gifts for the Trendy Traveller

7 Guy Style Gifts for the Trendy Traveller

A worldly type of guy has a great sense of style…

Loving the finer things in life, the trendy traveller has a defined style with all of the essentials for an effortless look.


We’ve compiled 7 great gift ideas for any guy who loves a worldly style, for a fraction of the price!

 A compass

Compasses are a quirky, great gift idea for a guy with style. There’s something about giving the gift of direction that really sends a positive message.

A trusty pocket knife

For whenever he gets himself a little too far into the wilderness, a trusty pocket knife is the essential tool.

Pop of colour

Adding a pop of colour to an outfit, such as our Van Heusen Paisley Silk Green Tie works well to brighten up a classic men’s look. A tie is an inexpensive gift idea that’s full of personality!

Check out our Guy Style Pinterest Board; the best looks and products for men with style! 

Statement watch

Nothing says men’s style more than a statement watch, and when your put Hugo Boss and watch design together, you really can’t go wrong. Be careful to choose wisely, the kind of watch a man wears say’s a lot about his personality!

Classy belt

A belt in a man’s style is like the exclamation point on his look! Currently we are loving the range of Men’s Style Accessories over on Catch of The Day, including the range from Van Heusen.

A pair of sunnies

No trendy traveller would even think of leaving the house without a pair of classy sunglasses. Tried and true Ray Ban sunglasses are the best brand to go for!

The wallet

A man’s wallet is perfect in a dark shade of brown or black leather and also makes for a great gift idea.

Do you have any great men’s style gift ideas? Let us know so we can add it to the list!

(Not all items in image available for sale)

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