OPI Colour Wheel – How To Paint Rainbow Nails in Water!

Any nail aficionado will know that there are so many amazing nail polish colours in the world. OPI is the stand-out brand when it comes to nail polish.

I love the quirky names that each OPI nail colour has to express personality and style. From “Thank Glogg It’s Friday” to “In A Holidaze“.

So which OPI colours do you use?

We’ve created the OPI Colour Wheel to help you choose your shade to let the world know just what mood you’re in!

OPI nail-polish-Colour Wheel - How To Paint Rainbow Nails in Water!

Shop one of these featured OPI nail colours right now!

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Our Favourite Nail Tutorial of the Week:

There are heaps of wicked nail tutorials floating around, but this one caught our eye this week! Such an awesome idea, grab a few colours and create a marble rainbow nail polish look!

What’s your signature OPI colour? Share with us in the comments!

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