10 Travel Essentials You Must Take On Your Next Trip!

10 Travel Essentials You Must Take On Your Next Trip!

By Tina

So you’re counting down the hours and minutes until your next big trip overseas, and finally, it’s time to start packing and you have no idea what you should be packing? Yup, we know the feeling, which is why we have compiled a list of 21st Century essentials that you probably shouldn’t be leaving the country without.

Say goodbye to the stress of packing because we just made life a whole lot easier for you.

1. Smartphone

Don’t waste precious time on your holidays documenting your trip on Facebook or whats-apping your other half. Instead, look up and find hidden gems and local restaurants on apps like TripAdvisor or Qype, book your next destination on skyscanner.com, or simply to use Google Maps to find your way back to your hotel. Did I mention that most smartphones have amazing built-in cameras these days? Yup, who even needs an SLR anymore. For an Android smartphone that won’t break your bank…

2. Crossbody bag or bum bag

I know it, you know it… bum bags aren’t exactly the trendiest of accessories, but sometimes in life you learn that being the coolest cat in town makes you a whole lot more susceptible to getting pickpocketed. Yup, I learnt this the hard way. So make sure you get yourself a small crossbody bag or bum bag and hang it where you can see it. Trust me, it looks a whole lot better than carrying a huge backpack on your chest, which is what some travellers resort to. For a range of stylish crossbody bags, take a look here

3. Kindle or tablet

As much as you may be looking forward to the journey itself, whether it be the plane trip or the 5-hour train ride you booked from Venice to Rome, you will get bored. Immensely bored. After enjoying the picturesque scenery for about 10 minutes, you’ll be twiddling your fingers. Pack a Kindle so you can read up on your next travel destination or a tablet so you can keep yourself entertained with games on those long trips. Make sure you have the perfect tech travel gadget to keep your boredom at bay on the road.

4. Travel lock

Whether you’re backpacking or staying at 5-star hotels, it’s a good idea to keep your belongings safe by purchasing locks for all your suitcases and bags. I can highly recommend the Victorinox TSA approved Sentry Cable lock for your baggage.

5. Headphones/Earphones

Headphones will make your trip a hell of a lot easier, trust me. It’s OK if you get stuck sitting next to Mister Snorlax on your 15-hour flight to LA, because you know what? Your quality set of noise blocking headphones will eliminate any unwelcome sounds. I suggest a pair of these babies for the best travel experience. Not only for the sole purpose of blocking out noises, but I’m a firm believer that you need a track for every destination, so that when you come back home and hear that track, you can sit back and reminisce on the best times of your life.

6. Travel Adaptor

Don’t leave the country without an adaptor for every country you’re visiting, because they can be hard to get once you are overseas. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a dead smartphone with the address of your hotel saved on there.

7. Go Travel Emergency Phone Charger

In case you have forgotten no. 6, or you just can’t for the life of you find a place to charge your phone, then a Go Travel Emergency Phone Charger will be your lifesaver if you’re ever in a pickle. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to post the perfect instagram selfie because of a flat phone battery!

8. Camera

If you’re not satisfied with your smartphone’s photo taking abilities, or need that extra bit of quality for your Instagram pics, then definitely consider bringing a proper camera with you. Want to know how to get the best pics to bring home to show everyone? Check out this guide to nailing travel photography with any camera on Scoopon Life.

9. Wet Wipes

You may not be travelling with a baby, but trust me, these are a gift from the travel gods. Use them to clean up scrapes and scratches, mop dust off your shoes, wipe the sweat off your face, scrub a day’s worth of dirt and grime off your hands if there’s no toilet nearby, and so on. You can thank me later. Grab a 64-pack here for as little as $2.49

10. Travel Organiser

Imagine yourself sitting back on a train, listening to your favourite song, cruising through the stunning Italian countryside, and a wild ticket inspector appears. You rummage through your backpack… no sign of you ticket. You grab your 20kg suitcase from the storage compartment above and frantically search through it exposing your whole suitcase and undies to the other passengers. You can save yourself the trouble and grab a trusty travel organiser that will keep all your documents in one safe place.

Now that your ready for your trip, with all the essentials you need, take a look at these posts:

Got a travel essential you simply can’t travel without? Let us know in the comments below.

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